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We Buy Houses Websites

Enter "We Buy Houses" into any search engine and you'll be hit with an onslaught of cookie cutter "We Buy Houses Websites."

If you don't believe us, try if for yourself. Scroll to the bottom and you'll notice that most of them all are run by the same company "Investor Carrot". What is this you may ask? Well you're not alone.

These We Buy Houses Websites aren't necessarily accredited investors with 35+ years of experience and thousands of homes purchased under their belt. No, these are simply anyone who can pay the "we buy houses websites" company as little as $50/month to help them rank their website to the top positions in the search engine systems.

Good for them---but maybe not so good for your home sale. Why not? Because these We Buy Houses Websites might be decent at ranking, but not necessarily good at buying your house for the best price.

Ready for the real thing? Good, you've come to the RIGHT We Buy Houses Website. :)

At® our mission is to give you the best options to sell your home. We want you to be equipped with the knowledge and power of a fair cash offer price--and how a cash price paid quickly, and without any hassles or real estate commissions, can save you money in the long run. We want you to be empowered by what a true cash home offer can do for your needs, for your family and for your bottomline.

We Buy Houses Websites vs.®

If you want to know the difference, go ahead and enter your information into their website, and then enter your information into ours.

Unlike them, we aren't looking to just buy ugly houses, we are able to buy any house, in any condition, at any price range. Why? Because we have the experience, financial resources and real estate wisdom to unlock the numbers you need, and get you the price you want on your timeline. Unfortunately, we can't say the same for the We Buy Houses Websites :(

Sell with Confidence

When you're ready to sell your house with confidence that you're getting the fastest offer for the best price, give us a call at 234-575-2274 or send us your information privately and confidentially, and we'll come out, take a look at your home and give you a no obligation cash offer, without real estate commissions, repairs, or any hassle of showing or listing your property. We can close in less than 3 days, and pay you the cash you need to move on with your life.

Skip the We Buy Houses Websites, and go with the real thing.®.


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