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Welcome to We Buy Houses

Do you want to sell your house quickly and with no hassle? You are in the right place!  


We Buy Houses in any condition.  Our local team will contact you and make you a cash offer for your home.


We buy houses quickly so you are done with the hassles. We will make you a fast, fair offer on your house and provide you with a number of options to meet your real estate needs.

Get a No Obligation Offer


        We went online, searched WE BUY HOUSES, and submitted our home information to We Buy Houses to sell our home as soon as possible.

Their team made an offer within hours and closed in 7 days!


We Buy Houses US lived up to their promise. Thank you for your help!  You're Geniuses!"

                           Happy Customer // Lancaster, CA

No Obligation, Fast, Easy & Free!

Selling your home, apartment building, condo, townhome, land, mobile home with land owned or multifamily property in any condition has never been easier!


With our program, you could have your house sold in a week or LESS! In some cases, we have bought houses the very same day!


We are a nationwide network of local home buyers ready to help you sell your home fast and close quickly.   Remember:  WE BUY HOUSES FAST!



Welcome to We Buy Houses®!  


If you are looking for a quick way to sell your house fast, We Buy Houses can make the process extra easy for you. We can help you to sell your house fast, regardless of any problems it has, that way you won’t have to deal with a thing. When we buy houses for cash, that means:

  • NO repairs to make

  • ZERO in real estate commissions

  • We’ll pay the closing costs

  • A quick close


We’re a professional cash home buying company that can offer you a positive alternative when you need to sell your house fast. We pay in cash for homes, which guarantees you a fast closing on the date of your choice so you’re able to collect your cash and move on.

The Simple Process to Sell a House Fast:

We Buy Houses® | The Original Home Buyer


Call us or fill out the form to chat about your house and see how we’re able to help.

We’ll meet in person so we can see your house.

We’ll give you a FAIR OFFER so you can sell house fast

Tip: Acting fast is important! Property problems tend to worsen the longer you take inaction. Which means in the long run you may be draining equity!

There’s a million reasons you might need to sell my house fast- but the good news is, we can help with them all!


We Buy houses in every condition, no matter what’s wrong with it, we’ll still give you a fair and decent offer.


Regardless if we buy your home or not, We Buy Houses is committed to helping you work through your property problems.


It is our mission to leave every homeowner in a better situation than where we found them… whether we buy your house fast for cash or not!

Some Common Situations When You Need to Sell Your House Fast:



The reality is, a majority of the folks we by houses from can have several of these issues present.


But the important thing to know is we’re able to help with them all!


No matter if you live the house, you’re renting it out, or even if it’s uninhabitable…We help homeowners with all sorts of issues and none of them are a problem if you need to sell your house fast! 


Nothing is too big or complex that we won’t tackle for you when we buy houses.

The Benefits of Selling To A Cash Home Buyer:

Home sellers choose us over the competition for many reasons. That’s because when we by houses, there are tons of benefits, for instance:


A Fair Offer.  We’re not out to low ball anyone, you’ll get a fair offer, guaranteed. 


We Buy “AS-IS”.  You won’t have to lift a paint brush or even a broom! Feel free to leave behind any old junk you can’t move and we’ll take care of it all. 


A Quick Close.  If you need to sell my house fast LA by a certain date, no problem. We can close on the date of your choosing. 


Zero Commissions.  Save thousands in real estate commission alone. 


Zero Fees.  There are never any fees to work with us. This will also save you thousands in closing costs. 


We Pay Cash.  Since we pay in cash you don’t have to be worried if we will be approved with a bank. 

Upfront & Honest.  Integrity and honesty are integral to every deal we do when you sell house fast LA. We put the people we work with before profits. 


Just 1 Showing.  We just need one quick look at your house and from there, we can present you with a fair cash offer! 


Professional Experience.  With countless other homeowners who can attest to this, we can promise that you will have a professional experience when you sell house fast with us.


Is selling to We Buy Houses YOUR best option?

We realize that we by houses may not be the right move for every home seller. To be honest, that will depend on your personal situation and what it is you’d like to accomplish.


For example, if your home is freshly remodeled you have all the time you need to let it sit on the market until you get the very best offer, then by all means, you should do so!


You will get a better price that way and in that case, might want to talk to a realtor.


We’re in the business of solving property problems. That’s how we bring forth value: in solving complex property problems that you’d rather not deal with. We are a great solution if:

If the property needs a lot of work…

The most common types of properties we buy houses for are those in need of major repairs – with good reason! Major repairs add up extremely fast, especially if you don’t already have the know how for how fix them.


The cost for labor and materials is already a tremendous expense but what usually throws people off is when they neglect to budget for unexpected items that begin to add up once you’ve already started the project.

If that’s more work and uncertainty than you are prepared to deal with, We Buy Houses is a great solution to sell my house fast!  We buy houses exactly as they are. Are we mean that! We are out to help make your life easier when we buy houses.


We’ll do whatever it takes to make the process convenient and easy for you, so let us know any ways we can go above and beyond when we buy houses and when we do, we will surely go the extra mile.

If you need a fast sale…

Sometimes time isn’t on your side and you need to get rid of a house fast, and that’s when selling to a professional home buyer like We Buy Houses is the right move.  Why? because traditional home buyers are financing their purchase through a bank – and in that case they will need to play by their bank’s rules.


When the banks are involved, it’s not uncommon for a sale to take 180 days, or more, before it closes – or worse, it may fall through altogether.

When we buy houses, we pay in cash, so we’re pretty much ready to go immediately. There’s no waiting on the bank’s approval so that’s how we skip the long, drawn out processes.


You won’t have to do any appraisals, home inspections, termite inspections, or make any repairs. We’ll just check out the house with our contractor so we can come up with a fair price. If you accept, great!


A typical escrow with us is usually a few weeks, but if you need to close faster or need some extra time, we are happy to make any accommodation you need when we buy houses!


Find Out More About How We Buy Houses

If you still have questions about how the process works when we by houses:


These are some answers to some frequently asked questions that will help to answer any questions you might have so you know what to expect if you need to sell your house fast. Or better yet, reach out to us for a quick phone call!


Find out more about how the process works.   




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