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Current Markets (by county)

Los Angeles, CA

Riverside, CA

San Bernadino, CA

San Diego, CA

Ventura, CA

Orange, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Hartford, CT

Pittsburgh, PI


New Territories (by city)


Sioux Falls, SD

Fort Wayne, IN

El Paso, TX

Lincoln, NE

Laredo, TX

Tulsa, OK

Des Moines, IA

Springfield, MO

Grand Rapids, MI

Knoxville, TV

Tallahassee, FL

Brownsville, TX

Lexington, KY

Pittsburgh, PA

Albuquerque, NM

Durham, NC

Montgomery, AL

Little Rock, AK

Mobile, AL

Toledo, OH

Las Vegas, NV

Flagstaff/Sedona, AZ

Shasta County, AZ

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